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BSc Anthropology Student

My name is Milly Wernerus and I am a third year Anthropology student at the University of Kent.


I am from a small village on the French island of Corsica in the Mediterranean sea. The culture and even the language there is very different from the rest of France, much like Catalonia is to the rest of Spain.


Though I grew up in Corsica, I have also lived in Aix en Provence, Norwich and Canterbury. Neither of my parents are French, one is English and the other Belgian. For all of these reasons, I consider myself to be European rather than having a single nationality.


My slightly unconventional background, as well as the fact that my parents traveled to different countries since I was a baby, are probably what led me to choose a degree in Anthropology, the study of people.

The short film shown here is my first film and I greatly enjoyed making it and hope to improve my skills and make more in the future.

I have no concrete plans for my future yet, but I am hoping that it will involve travel, photography, sustainable living, sailing, organic farming, reading, music, adventure, people, hiking, learning, wildlife, and happiness.

Please contact me here:


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